Makeshift Reclamation: New Feminist Art and Activism

A multimedia event showcasing how contemporary feminists are resisting and creating alternatives to not only gender-based oppression but also a collapsing economic system, climate crisis, and more. Featuring live readings, performances, and video works by artists and activists including Jessica Hoffmann, coeditor/copublisher of the independent, transnational, antiracist feminist magazine make/shift; Hilary Goldberg, whose new project, recLAmation, is a Super 8 experimental documentary/narrative film in which queer superheroes navigate a future beyond capitalism; and others.

Friday, May 7, 2010

makeshift reclamation at AMC and USSF 2010

Our tour is headed to Detroit!
More details on our schedule coming soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new trailer for recLAmation!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

still from Double Take

Jess and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the new feminist video zine Double Take at Evergreen. We are excited to check out how the project unfolds (unlike our jeans which appear to be well cuffed).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cascade P-Patch

... which is adjacent to Cascade People's Center and down the block
from three collective housing buildings where we were treated to a
yummy lunch and good conversation about co-ops and cohousing. --Jess

Bradners Park Gardens, Seattle

Friday, April 2, 2010


We're adoring Seattle, where our hosts are growing chard in the living
room, every neighborhood we pass through is blossom-full, the air is
clean and crisp, the light is lovely and oft-shifting (glinting so
magnificently off magnolias and green, bouncing off white blooms) ...
we've met delightful people at shows and homes and restaurants, and
are thrilled by the proliferation of lush community gardens.

This afternoon we performed at University of Washington, thanks to the
great organizing work of Kai Kohlsdorf, who read from his essay
"Resexing Trans" from make/shift no. 6. We were also joined by Laura
"Piece" Kelley, whose poetry selections resonated beautifully with
Hilary's film, both speaking of seedballs and outsider vision enacted
with joy and fun fashion.

And it was great to see recLAmation, Mattilda's and Gina's All That
Sheltering Emptiness, and Lex Gumbs's To You Who Understand in a
theater space with a big screen and deep darkness.

Tomorrow, we're gonna check out a city park that's home to dozens of
permaculture projects, the Cascade People's Center and P-Patch, and a
local farmers' market before our evening show at Left Bank Books. --Jess